Zeitschrift für die Welt der Türken / Journal of World of Turks, Vol 9, No 3 (2017)

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The State of Ottoman Architecture in Macedonia and Latest Research



In this paper, we will discuss our project, entitled as “Ottoman Monuments in Macedonia”, supported by Scientific Research Projects of MSGSU. This field work Project we undertook in the months of Julyand September 2014. Many structures were identified as a result of field work. We have gathered many data in this field work that will be presented with an assessment over all. In this context, we will study Ottoman Monuments previously listed as an inventory work by the Macedonian State Ministry of Culture in 1991. In this Project we verified the list of Ottoman structures in Macedonia taken from the Macedonian State Ministry of Culture. Also we found recently identified Ottoman structures which are not in this list. Also the structures in this list which are in existentor repairs performed will be discussed. Emergency repairs, maintenances tageand their latest state of the structures will be examined. Ottoman monuments that stil preserve the original characteristics of these structures will be highlighted. Ottoman structures that we have identified will be informed with their over all architectural features.

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