Zeitschrift für die Welt der Türken / Journal of World of Turks, Vol 7, No 1 (2015)

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Book and Early Period Forms – Plate and Design Relation

Mesude Hülya (ŞANES) DOĞRU


The Koran, main book of the Islam civilization takes place in base of various art forms. The book elements such as superscription, interior face of binder, title, epilogue, heading of sura (section of the Koran) applied during the centuries by the ornamentation are available in all scientific, historical and literary artworks. These forms of the ornamentation within the book as well as periods and changed styles had also continued their improvement. The ornamentation and the script in its center had met in the books firstly and this togetherness had demonstrated a full compliance at the classic period. Presentation wish of the script and the ornamentation getting out of the book pages and targeting more independent and more persons was also a precipitating of improvement in the script and the ornamentation.
The cuts and murakka which could be accepted as early period forms other than books had enabled to presentation of the calligraphy and the illumination as a plate with their ornamentation concepts resembling books but becoming free. The tughras and illuminated edicts which were the basis of the Turkish-Islam plate concept are considered. At ornamentation of the tughras, it is possible to see the ornamentation in the certificate which sent by the Sultan was thought for a nice presentation of an entire artwork.
While the style difference which is in view at any time are evaluated in any way, big change in the forms and presentation style must not be overlooked. If it is possible to see a plate as the interior decoration of the architecture or a space, of course we must also count inscriptions and ornamentations among basic concepts which constitute such style.
While some forms such as hilye's, mosque scripts were starting the plate tradition, improvement of the apparent scripts and aesthetic caught by the calligraphers at this field had encountered to the periods when the Turkish ornamentation had under the influence of the west.
The master illuminators of XXth century achieved to ascribe the classic period ornamentation concept next to the calligraphy art which continuing still the peak progression with a big effort. Thus, in fact, the ornamentation get out of only book met with the classic concept again after its style adventures.

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