Zeitschrift für die Welt der Türken / Journal of World of Turks, Vol 6, No 1 (2014)

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The Petroglyphs and Inscriptions Salihler Village (Ankara –Güdül) and Their Historical Background

Necati DEMİR


Rock - Art / petroglyphs, contoured by mankind in ancient times have some great importance due to their cultural and artistic products. There are no similar products that specified above. Many of the features, social and cultural history of humanity roots are found on these rock arts. If they are correctly be construed and read, they could explaine the history of mankind and could come to light themselves with their hidden aspects. By the help of these; world history and civilization could be written again.
Turkey could be said to have a rich cultural heritage in terms of rock art/petroglyph. The village of Esatlı which is found in Ordu- Mesudiye, the caves which are found in Erzurum-Cunni, the valley which is found in Erzurum-Dilli, the Mountains which are found in Van-Catak borough, the Geyikli Hills which are found in Kars - Kagizman borough, the village of Salihler which is found in Ankara- Gudul are only the few of them. However, in some places of Turkey; for the fields of rock art, there are not so much inquiries.
UNESCO has taken approximately 80 areas about rock images and inscriptions (Rock- Art Petroglyph) which are found all over the world to the protection programme because of designation as a "World Heritage" but so far from Turkey any fields about rock images and texts are not taken to the "Cultural Heritage" programme.
We have been searching Rock-Art areas for 15 years. Until now, about 50 Rock-Art areas have been found. In this study, some information will be given about Salihler Village Rock Art area which is located near 90 km away from Ankara.

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