Zeitschrift für die Welt der Türken / Journal of World of Turks, Vol 4, No 1 (2012)

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On the Concepts of Feast, Banquet, Entertainment in the Book of Dede Korkut



There are many valuable works on the Book of Dede Korkut, also known as Kitab-ı Dede Korkut Ala Lisan-ı Taife-i Oğuzân. However, these studies were not considered as a matter of basic entertainment topics, (in places of entertainment shall be in contact was adopted) it was mentioned, touching upon the matter of entertainment when appropriate. In this paper, in the light of previous studies entertainment culture of Turkey, the information that the book of Dede Korkut embodies has been contextualized as a substantive issue. In this way, moving from this work that sheds light on many aspects of our culture, it was aimed to pay attention to the subjects that could provide the entertainment issue with deep meaning.

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